Dear, take care of Cary, would you? There appear to be some hazards in the way, so figuring out how to avoid them might be a little tricky. And make sure to not get hurt yourself, of course  wouldn't want anything to happen to you two. Thanks!

W, A, S, D to flap you wings
J to pick up / drop things (you cannot bear the weight for too long, for you are only a bat)

Note: For some players, game speed seems of (too fast & inconsistent). I'll fix that when I get some time, but I'm having trouble reproducing this bug.

Want to make your own levels? Sure! Take a look at the included levels by running Cary.exe with the command line argument --dump-levels and open them in your favourite text editor use a monospace font so it displays correctly. Then just write your own and open them with Cary.exe (you can open multiple files at once) and so on. Be sure to post them in the comments below!

I'll upload a Linux version of the game soon.


Cary.exe 3 MB


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This was fun! The art looks really good with the CGA palette!

I really like the art style, I love the bat wings flapping. I think the movement of the bat could be tighter OR the ceiling could be higher because it feels a little too cramped, which makes the game much more difficult (At least for opening levels). It's also really impressive you managed to build a level editor in three days.


Thanks! I'll take that into account if I improve this game. That said, I didn't make a level editor, you can use any text editor you want (the levels are simply loaded with a single loop that switches over the input characters).

Pretty cool! Even if quite hard! haha